Second Mortgages: How They Work, Advantages and Disadvantages

A second mortgage is a type of loan, which allows you to borrow against your home’s value. Your house is your asset and over time, this asset of yours can gain value. Also known as the home equites of credit or HELOCs, second mortgages are also referred to as the way to use assets for other goals and projects without the need to sell it. In this article, you will be able to learn more about second mortgages and how they primarily work. 

Second Mortgage: What is It? 

Second Mortgages in Ontario and Canada are also referred to as a loan, which uses your house as the collateral, highly similar to a loan that you may have used to buy your house. The loan is also known as the second mortgage since your buying loan is normal the first loan that’s secured by the lien on your house. 

In addition to that, second mortgages tap in your home’s equity, which is your home’s market value relative to any balance of your loan. While equity can decrease or increase, the truth is that they can ideally grow over time. Aside from that, equity can also change in a lot of ways.  

The moment you make monthly payments for your loan, chances are you also reduce the balance of your loan, which then increases your equity. The moment your house gains value due a strong real estate market as well as improvements that you make to your home, your equity then increases. On the other hand, you also lose equity the moment your house loses its value or when you loan against your home. Usually, second mortgages come in several varying forms. 

  • Lump Sum 

Primarily, a standard second mortgage is considered as a one-time loan, which offers a lump sum of money that you can use for anything you want. In fact, with that kind of loan, you will be able to repay the loan over time, usually with fixed payments in a monthly basis. With every payment, you also pay a part of interest costs as well as a part of the balance of your loan. This process is actually called the amortization. 

  •  Credit Line 

It is also extremely possible to borrow with the use of a credit line, or a money pool which you can draw from. In fact, with that particular Geaux Maids website kind of loan, you are never required to take money. However, you also have the option if you really want to. In addition to that, your lender can also set a maximum borrowing limit or you can continue borrowing for a lot of times until you’ll be able to reach your maximum borrowing limit. But, as with credit cards, you can be able to repay as well as borrow over and over again. 

  • Rate Choices 

Basing on the kind of loan you use as well as your own preferences, your loan may come with fixed interest rate, which helps you a lot in planning your payments in the long run. Variable rate loans are available too and there are norms for credit lines as well. 



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